Warmachine: Oblivion Campaign Set ~ PIP 25005

Warmachine: Oblivion Campaign Set  ~ PIP 25005

Privateer Press

$ 59.99 
SKU: 875582024603

The Oblivion Campaign Set is a must-have for any WARMACHINE or HORDES enthusiast. This product moves along the story of the Iron Kingdoms while presenting a campaign for players to take part in the action. The Omen cards included in the box are integral to the campaign system and will be used in future campaigns that use the core campaign rules presented here. The updated rulebook contains all of the rules for both WARMACHINE and HORDES, integrated into one concise tome for the first time. In addition to the combination of rules, other small adjustments have been made to the game to streamline certain elements. Finally, the included miniature is the Hermit of Henge Hold, a mad Iosan prophet who can be included in any army, ensuring all of the contents of this box fit easily into any players collection. Privateer Press miniatures are sold unpainted and may require some assembly.