The Flash #160 V1 1966 Good- Condition

The Flash #160 V1 1966  Good- Condition


$ 20.00 


   Flash reprints. "The Amazing Race Against Time" (from Flash 107), "Duet of Danger" (from All-Flash 23 in 1948), "Danger in the Air" (from Flash 113), "King of the Beatniks" (from Flash 114), "Space-Boomerang Trap" (from Flash 124), and Johnny Quick in "Adventure of the Antelope Boy" (from Adventure Comics 123 from 1947). Scripts by John Broome, Robert Kanigher. and Don Cameron; pencils by Carmine Infantino, Lee Elias, and Mort Meskin; inks by Joe Giella, Elias, and Meskin. Barry Allen/Flash pin-up (from Flash Annual 1). Grandpa Munster Dragula model kit ad. Letter from noted letter hack Guy H. Lillian III. Atom ad. Justice League ad. Caps Hobby Hints strip by Henry Boltinoff. G.I. Joe Club ad.