The CORE to your DOOR!


We at the CORE want to help keep everyone safe while still helping you to stay SANE during this time of "social distancing".  We will happily provide two types of Core to your Door services.

1.  CORE to your Home DOOR; We will pull your weekly comics, pop figures, cards and collectibles and ship them directly to your home.  Rules: Must have your credit card number, expiration date, three digit code, and billing address on file.  We will bill your card weekly on the day (or day before) we ship.  We will ship as inexpensively as possible, shipping amount will be reflected on the receipt.

2.  CORE to your Car DOOR; We will pull your weekly items and hand them directly to you.  Rules: Call us ahead of time, we will pull your comics and collectibles.  We will come out and get your credit card, and bring you the books, card and receipt.

Sign up for this amazing service: HERE